Audio High (see was founded in 1997 to help raise money for cystic fibrosis research. As our organization has grown over the years, so, too, have the number of organizations we support. We have regular benefit concerts and other events, and there are many ways you can get involved if you want to help.

We are currently producing an eight-concert series of the complete Beethoven piano sonatas with pianist Robert Silverman. The money raised from these events and the CD sales will be used to build a number of theaters and other facilities at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford in association with the Elf Foundation

No Overhead's concerts, CD sales, and other fundraising efforts help both local non-profit groups and also national and worldwide causes. 

Every sale at Audio High contributes to the causes we support, and because Audio High donates staff support and other resources, 100% of the money earned from our fundraising efforts goes to the non-profit organizations we support. 

Tax Deductible

All donations made to are tax-deductible. Concert tickets and auctioned goods carry a trade value, and the amount will vary. Direct donations are 100% deductible. 

Donate Your Old Gear!

Buying a new pair of speakers and don't know what to do with your old pair? Donate it and take a tax deduction. Audio High will take care of selling your old gear, and you will get a tax write-off for the value of the good. No muss, no fuss!